Cat  Tail  Retrievers
Our training (Overview)
We use positive reinforcement and praise.  We believe a
retriever should do his or her job because they enjoy it and
are happy to do it based on their training and the care they get
Hunt testing   (A Little About What We Do)
We provide the opportunity for your retriever to participate in
the UKC and AKC hunt tests during the year.  We also travel in
order to have a variety of training environments.  This
prepares your dog for hunt tests as well as being a great
hunting dog.
Kennel    (Home)
Cat Tail Retrievers has been in business 14 years and we take
pride in the dogs we train.  We have been training dogs for
obedience and field.  Our experience level is vast through
learning every day we train.  I (Jeff) trained field dogs under a
professional trainer for approximately two years learning the art
of training before starting our business.  We have been in
business since 1995 and have enjoyed great success with
retrievers in general.  We pride ourselves in taking the best care
of your retriever friends while they are being boarded and
trained in our facility.
Our dogs have accomplished many goals
through training
We've been in business for over 12  years
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